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1. We Hope our Portfolio Speaks for Itself

University studies have analyzed online behaviour and discovered that most people have made a judgement on a website (good or bad) by the time the page loads. People will also tend to use this judgement to form an opinion on the professionalism of your business.

An amateur website could well be leading people to believe your business is amateur, even if it is not. Unless they already know who you are, how else can they judge it? Remember, your competitor may only be one click of a mouse away…

We like to think our websites give the impression you paid two or three times as much as what you actually paid!

2. Bang For Your Buck

Time is money. We have developed our own set of in house development tools, tried and tested over the last eight years – this enables us to produce quality websites very quickly. The faster the work is done, the less you pay AND the more features we can offer.

3. No Need to Pay for Future Changes to your Website

Why pay a premium price for a website containing static content that requires you to contact your web designer for every minor change? Our websites allow you to log in and edit the content as you please. The privilege of being able to do this comes at no extra cost.

4. See Before the Build

Our advanced in house tools (which cannot be obtained from anywhere else in the world but Mills Web Design) means that we have the ability to build a website to look exactly the way you want. No ripping templates or themes off the web in the hope that we can hack them to look the way you want. We build super fast from the ground up with tools so flexible that we can even do a mockup design of what your website will look like before we even start. Revise or provide feedback to the mockup design however you want, then we build the website to look just like it. This means peace of mind – you know what you are getting from the start – most web designers hunt around for themes or templates and therefore find this prior reassurance difficult to provide.

5. Search Engine Optimisation

We can discuss with you the various ways in which your site can be optimised for best search engine results. We also recognise that coming up at the forefront of a search means little if readers glance over your site and immediately lose interest. Our ultimate intention is to therefore provide a site which provides the maximum chance of prospects buying your products or services.

6. Domain Names, Web Hosting, Email, Web Design, Consultation – all in the One Place

In short there is no need to talk to many people. Just talk to us. Rather than being unsure of where to start, just call and say “I need a website”. We take it from there.


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