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On offer until the end of March 2021

Up to six pages with everything you would expect in a professional business website. This is the same as our Standard Package. Normally there is a 30% deposit and the rest on completion. However if you increase your deposit to 75% then we forget about the final payment. That is all you end up paying!

You pay less, but you get the same professional result!

25% Discount - Terms & Conditions (click to expand)

Content can contain (if desired):

  • Slideshow
  • Contact form
  • Any text and images
  • Image gallery (which could be extensive as an entire gallery page)
  • Interactive Google map
  • A total of up to eight pages of content in the finished product

The package also includes:

  • Configurable navigation menu – drag / drop / delete / add menu buttons
  • Limitless ability to add more of your own pages in future
  • Latest drag and drop backend technology
  • A cheat sheet that shows you how to edit / add / remove pages and content
  • Professional, full screen and responsive design


  • Pay up front before the end of March 2018
  • Available for you to make use of up to a year

Does not include:

  • Newsletter and subscription functions
  • Online transaction options such as a shopping cart
  • Complex forms other than a contact form
  • One on one training
  • Blog functions / event functions
  • Search box in menu
  • Email addresses that resemble the domain name

These are all possible, but are costed as addon requirements.

Hosting ($83 per year) and domain name registration ($12 per year) are additional as they are not incurred by Mills Web Design and in most cases would be required. Mills Web Design can still arrange your domain and hosting at their original abovementioned cost with no labour margin added. Alternatively existing domain and / or hosting can be utilised if it exists. An additional fee of $49 would apply if there is any need to transfer an existing domain name to another registrar. In a majority of cases this would not be required.

This offer can not be retrospectively applied to any website project that has already been committed to by way of payment already received.

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For ALL website packages you can expect:

  • Drag and drop website admin tools
  • Responsive design compatible with all devices
  • Robust security against hackers and malware
  • Cross browser compatibility
  • Cheat sheet
  • Training (optional)
  • Domain registration (if you dont already have one)
  • Hosting (if you dont already have it)
  • Automatic image resizing and optimising behind the scenes
  • Search engine optimised

Fully Branded DIY Website Package

A professional looking website with your logo, and a look and feel designed to suit your business with dummy text and placeholder images – just log in and substitute with your own words and images and your done.

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Standard Website Package

Up to six pages with everything you would expect in a professional business website.

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Quicksite Package

The same as a Standard Package with one major difference – a much more painless content gathering process.

Over the years we have built websites for the same kind of business more than once so we’ve developed sets of questions to match various business types. Just provide the answers and your website is ready – and it’s as cutting edge and professional as any good website should be!

Of course we do not have unlimited sets of questions for every type of business but we have covered alot of the common ones. If the type of website you require is listed below then you are eligible for our “Quicksite” package – the cheaper and faster version of our standard package:

Quicksite Business Types (click to expand):

If your business falls into any of the following business types why not benefit from the lower cost and speed of delivery with a Quicksite, yet still get the same quality outcome:

  • Bed and Breakfast Accommodation
  • Motel Accommodation
  • Farmers Market
  • Artist Community
  • Electrician
  • Newspaper Style Political Blog
  • Earthmoving
  • Builder
  • General Practice Website (GP’s / Doctors)
  • Orchard / Primary Producer
  • Author
  • Health and Wellbeing Treatment / Specialist
  • Accounting Group
  • Pub (no events function)
  • Pub (with events function)
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Custom Website Package

Want something else not covered here? Contact us on 0421 481 365 and we will see what we can do for you.

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