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The default arrangement for any support is that an invoice is sent on job completion which is costed at $120 per hour with a $45 minimum.

This minimum applies because even a small task still requires the same efforts for invoicing, payment tracking, filing and associated admin to manage that task.

Pre-paid support has no minimum as the effort is simply accrued until the pre-paid hours are eventually used up.

Pre pay your support in bulk and save with lower hourly rates

Item Pre-paid amount Hourly rate breakdown
Standard hourly rate with no bulk purchase $0 $120 per hour
5 hour bulk purchase $439 $88 per hour
10 hour bulk purchase $749 $75 per hour
20 hour bulk purchase $1299 $65 per hour
30 hour bulk purchase $1649 $55 per hour

Any pre paid support is valid for one year since the date of purchase.

Pay by Credit Card

If you prefer to receive an invoice instead, contact us and let us know:

  • Which pre paid package you would like
  • The business name / person you would like the invoice made out to

Other payment options such as cheque or bank transfer will be explained on the invoice itself.

To pay online please fill in the details below…

credit card mills web design
  • This should be your business name as already known by MIlls Web Design
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.