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Our custom framework - why we don't hunt around for Wordpress themes

Many web designers who work in WordPress will not always tell you HOW they do the work and in some cases will simply find a WordPress theme on the internet and tweak it to suit your brand or business. While it is not a dirty secret they don’t always go out of their way to volunteer this information either as it is often in their favour to let you assume they did far more work than they may have.

Here we talk about why problematic relationships can result when web designers use this approach.

We have developed our own WordPress framework which we use for all sites so you are not subjected to the following limitations:

WordPress themes are designed with limited functions and flexibility

How are they limited?

For example if you want your menu to be above the header instead of below it your theme may not have that option. Or you might want your logo in the centre but your theme only allows the logo to be on the left. You can always ask your web designer to do some manual hand coding to overcome these things – but hang on – isn’t a really good set of tools in the back end which can do all this stuff what you were hoping for in the first place?

Why is it a problem?

The above reasons are why I have heard many clients tell me how previous designers have often said the words “you can’t do that” to various requests. Hunting around for another theme that does the job is hit and miss. If you find one that does it may have a different limitation that presents a new problem. Alternatively your designer can manually implement with hand coding – sorry how much did you say that costed again?

What does Mills Web Design do?

We have built our own “framework” that stands in place of the WordPress theme which can be customised in countless ways, and in ways beyond what themes can normally handle.

A client once said “it is refreshing to work with a designer that doesn’t always tell me that it can’t be done”. It is so flexible that we have not yet come across a layout that it cannot achieve.

There are also no delays in getting started – no hunting around for a theme that hopefully fits what you like – we just build it according to what you want straight away. If you want to change something in future, we can change it straight away. You get fast results, and you get what you asked for.

In the ocean of themes out there how do you know a theme is secure?

Themes are often coded by a third party you may never meet or ever know. Because they are on the market hackers can download them, study the code and work out how to exploit them. With Mills Web Design this is not a problem – we don’t hunt around looking for themes in the first place!

Themes can stop being supported – back to the drawing board

The person on the other side of the world who wrote your theme has now gone on to other pursuits in life – great, your theme no longer works with the latest version of WordPress. Your web designer has explained that the vendor can’t be contacted, and support for that theme no longer exists. Is it time to start again with another theme? With Mills Web Design there is one less player in the chain – we are the same people who build the site and provide the theme (or framework as we prefer to call it). No more panic about being held at ransom by a university student in the Netherlands.

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Why say "Mills Web Design - Sydney Orange Bathurst” vs “Everywhere”

Why do we say “Mills Web Design – Sydney Orange Bathurst” when we can service clients anywhere?

As you may know, the fortunate thing about web design is that we can provide service to clients anywhere in the world so you might ask why we bother specifying service areas at all?

Don’t get us wrong – you don’t have to be in Bathurst, Orange or Sydney. You can be in Melbourne or Perth for all it matters but if you are one of those people where meeting face to face is what you prefer, we have to give you something to work with – and that’s why we say “Mills Web Design – Sydney Orange Bathurst” – because it is in these three places that we are able to meet with you if that is your preferred way of working.

Having said that, don’t be put off by these words if you are outside of Bathurst, Orange or Sydney. Many of our clients stretch beyond these locations – from Queensland down to Tasmania. We provide web design and support to them regularly and in many cases have come to know them as people quite well .

In conclusion, it doesn’t matter where you are. But if your preferred way of working is to meet those you deal with, you now know where to find us.

The mobile compatible website - we utilise the more effective approach

A website which is mobile compatible usually achieves this in one of two ways:

a) The website detects the device viewing it and displays an alternative theme which is designed to be more user friendly with the smaller screen size.

b) The website does not care what the device is. It takes into account the browser window size. The content repositions itself to contantly fit within the window regardless of the device.

The downfall of a) is that there are so many different devices out there, it is difficult for a website to be configured to recognise them all. The website may produce mobile compatible content if viewed on the common iPhone, but what about the many other devices that are not mainstream? Every time a new device comes out on the market, can you trust that the site owner is going to arrange for the site to be updated to recognise that new device?

This is why b) is a better option. It will just work all the time. That is why we use this method.

We also recognise that mobile compatibility should not be a premium option that costs extra, and that is why is it just part of what you get with a website by Mills Web Design. In this day and age, mobile compatibility is just expected.

Sourcing a web designer? Useful questions to ask...

  • Are their sites responsive?
  • Do they cater for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows phone?
  • Do they offer the option of a Q and A phone session to write your content for you at no extra cost?
  • Do they provide an admin panel so you can administer your content?
  • Does their admin panel provide an easy to use drag and drop interface?
  • Do their sites have built in security that locks out intruders and informs you when this happens?
  • Do their sites have built in statistics and reporting which you can view in the admin panel?
  • Do their sites perform regular backups automatically?
  • Does their portfolio step up to the mark?
  • Does their own website reflect their level of professionalism?
  • Do they provide a mockup design first so you can negotiate what you are getting?
  • Is their technology trusted and popular, or bespoke, putting you at risk of vendor ransom?
  • Do they cater for all major browsers, including internet explorer 7?

Our answer to all of the above:


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Web Design Sydney

Looking for web design in Sydney? We are able to provide professional websites that really step up to the mark but can often come in at half the cost of what most other web designers quote in the Sydney area.

Web Design is often cheaper in the country areas because the office overheads and cost of living is lower.

To the Sydney business, web design in Sydney may still be the preferred choice even though the cost is higher as many people prefer to deal with local designers.  The ability to meet and discuss requirements face to face is often the preferred choice.

We combine the best of both worlds.  Our resources are in Bathurst, keeping the overheads down, yet we often move between Bathurst and Sydney to do business meaning we can meet with you face to face to discuss requirements if that is preferred.

This means professional results can cost half as much as what you might pay elsewhere, yet you still get the quality of service you can expect from dealing with someone local.

Check out our portfolio – if the quality steps up to your expectations and you wish to have a chat about your requirements and our pricing to deliver them, give us a no obligation call.