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Low cost websitesIf you are based in Sydney and looking for a professional business website which is cost effective then look no further.

We provide websites for businesses in Sydney at a more competitive cost as we do not charge Sydney prices. We are located in Bathurst but the great thing about websites is that distance poses no issue. If anything it only presents an advantage in this case – your quote could be half the cost of that of a Sydney Web Design company.

Why Cost Is No Issue

We are confident enough to say that if you think you can get a lower quote than ours which offers a comparable scope of deliverables then we will see if we can match or even beat it. If we cannot, you win. If we can, you still win.

Why Quality Is No Issue

Payment is not finalised until you preview your site and tell us it meets your expectations. If it does not, we will revise the site until you do. Only then will payment be finalised. That means the only possible outcome is for you to walk away happy with what you have paid for.

Check out examples in our portfolio and feel free to call us for a free consultation and quote, or if you have any questions at all. Should the project warrant it we can always arrange a face to face meeting if the need arises.

We also offer the choice to mix and match your services. If you already have a domain name we can work with that, or if you already have a hosting provider we can work with that. Alternatively we can provide the whole package for you.

Chat to Mills Web Design to see how we can assist with: