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Low cost websitesIf you are based in Sydney and looking for a professional business website which is cost effective then look no further.

We provide websites for businesses in Sydney at a more competitive cost as we do not charge Sydney prices. We are located in Bathurst but the great thing about websites is that distance poses no issue. If anything it only presents an advantage in this case – your quote could be half the cost of that of a Sydney Web Design company.

Why Cost Is No Issue

We are confident enough to say that if you think you can get a lower quote than ours which offers a comparable scope of deliverables then we will see if we can match or even beat it. If we cannot, you win. If we can, you still win.

Why Quality Is No Issue

Payment is not finalised until you preview your site and tell us it meets your expectations. If it does not, we will revise the site until you do. Only then will payment be finalised. That means the only possible outcome is for you to walk away happy with what you have paid for.

Check out examples in our portfolio and feel free to call us for a free consultation and quote, or if you have any questions at all. Should the project warrant it we can always arrange a face to face meeting if the need arises.

We also offer the choice to mix and match your services. If you already have a domain name we can work with that, or if you already have a hosting provider we can work with that. Alternatively we can provide the whole package for you.

Chat to Mills Web Design to see how we can assist with:

If you require a professional WordPress website fully customised and themed to your requirements then look no further. Mills Web Design can create a professionally built WordPress theme fully installed as a complete Content Management System with whatever capabilities you need.

One big advantage of using WordPress as a CMS is that it is one of the most widely used and supported solutions in the world. A risk with getting a CMS or blog site built by a web design company that uses its own proprietary software is that you can run the risk of being held at ransom with support and cost – they are the only ones around who know the system. If their company cannot find the time to provide reliable support or they go out of business, you are stuck with a system no one else knows.wordpress

Providing a Finely Tuned WordPress Solution

  • Search Engine Optimisation as part of the package (WordPress is already reknowned for good SEO)
  • Customised Admin interface for maximum simplicity and ease of use
  • A Concise User Guide which we have written for you
  • Hand picked and tested plugins as part of the package which provide a much more rounded solution than WordPress offers “out-of-the-box”

We have used WordPress for:

  • Ecommerce and digital download sites
  • Photographers websites
  • Event Management websites
  • Pub / Hotel websites
  • Bed and Breakfast / accomodation websites
  • A general Content Management System solution for a variety of different business types
  • Blogs (of course!)
  • One page sites for those who wish to extend capabilities in future
  • Trades people
  • Business people
  • Musicians
  • Our own website

Obvious Advantages of WordPress

Three advantages of WordPress which other Web Design companies using proprietary software may find hard to claim:

  • It is tried and tested by tens of millions of users worldwide
  • It has a worldwide community of support and expertise consisting of hundreds of thousands of people
  • It has tens of thousands of plugins which can extend its functionality in almost limitless ways

Call Mills Web Design to see how we can make WordPress work for your business.

Mills Web Design is able to provide Web Design and online marketing services for any small to medium business throughout Katoomba and the Blue Mountains. Rich with tourism, entertainment and creativity it is easy to recognise the need and the demand for promoting business in these areas with all the benefits of online promotion.

Our services are well structured for the quality and budget demands of a small business. That is why we can give your business the most professional looking online profile without the typical costs that are expected to go with it.

To get an idea of the work we do check out some examples in our portfolio. Blue Mountains

We are able to provide everything you need to get any small to medium business online:

  • Professional Websites
  • Content Management Systems
  • Ecommerce Websites
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Online Marketing
  • Hosting
  • Domain Names

Consultation and Advice

At no cost you can give us a call and we can confirm what will work for you and how you can make your online advertisting dollars stretch to the maximum.

Websites for:

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Entertainment Venues
  • Retailers
  • Tourism Based Businesses
  • The Shoemaker’s Son and his friend

Contact Mills Web Design for a free discussion about your requirements and we can put a quote together for you at no cost.

Servicing Katoomba, Springwood, Blackheath and throughout the Blue Mountains.

Many small business owners may run a tight ship and have a limited budget that they are willing to spend on a professional website. How many times have you seen a website for a small business that looks cheap or small time – I remember one that got their teenage son in law to do it because “he knows computers”.

Behavioural studies have shown people online are so quick to judge they often form an impression of a business by the time the page has loaded.

If that impression is not reasssuring, a competitor is only as far away as the browser’s back button.

When considering a web solution this places many small business owners in one of two positions most of the time:

  • An affordable solution that gives out an amateur impression.
  • A fantastic and professional solution that is beyond the budget.

Of course this is a generalisation but it can be a gamble trying to find that perfect combination of right price vs professional branding when each dollar counts.

At Mills Web Design we aim to get that combination right and so far our clients are proving to be only too happy with the results.

Small to medium business

We have set up our testimonials page so our clients can submit their genuine testimonials themselves. See what they have to say. Also check out our portfolio to determine if the quality is to your expectations. If we pass on these first two tests put us to the third test and call us for a quote.

The best part of it is we guarantee you will be happy with the result because payment is not finalised until you confirm that the work is to your satisfaction.  If not we revise the work until you are.  With that approach the outcome can only ever be right!

Contact Mills Web Design for a discussion about your requirements and we will aim to give you the best price we can.