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  • Are their sites responsive?
  • Do they cater for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows phone?
  • Do they offer the option of a Q and A phone session to write your content for you at no extra cost?
  • Do they provide an admin panel so you can administer your content?
  • Does their admin panel provide an easy to use drag and drop interface?
  • Do their sites have built in security that locks out intruders and informs you when this happens?
  • Do their sites have built in statistics and reporting which you can view in the admin panel?
  • Do their sites perform regular backups automatically?
  • Does their portfolio step up to the mark?
  • Does their own website reflect their level of professionalism?
  • Do they provide a mockup design first so you can negotiate what you are getting?
  • Is their technology trusted and popular, or bespoke, putting you at risk of vendor ransom?
  • Do they cater for all major browsers, including internet explorer 7?

Our answer to all of the above:


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