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Mills Web Design - Bathurst - Orange - Sydney

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Mills Web Design Sydney Orange Bathurst

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Get more with a Mills Web Design website

What do you get with a website by Mills Web Design?

Resize your browser and see how this website adapts to different screen sizes. This ensures you always get a user friendly and easy to read website on any device whether it be a desktop, tablet or phone. Try the same experiment on other websites – even well known ones – and you may be surprised at how many have not yet caught up. But this is just one feature – check out the rest.

Save money on Search Engine Optimisation

Generate enquiries without spending thousands on SEO

You can spend thousands on an SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) campaign. You know the old saying “Give them a fish and feed them for a day. Teach them to fish and feed them for life.” We dont claim to make you an SEO guru, but we can consult with you to provide the SEO knowledge and tools you need to tweak and refine your site over time to really make a difference in the searches.

We can write your website content for you

No stress with content – we can write it for you

Providing content can be where the strain is for some. You are already busy enough without the extra time consuming task of providing us with all the text that is going into your website. No problem – as an optional service we can conduct a Q & A session over the phone and compile it into polished content. Once done, you get to review it and adjust as you see fit. How much easier is that?

Drag and drop content management

Manage content with the ease of drag and drop

With state of the art drag and drop technology managing your content has never been easier. Split your content into columns and drag them around, drop in a gallery, drag the images into the order you want. Forget the old fashioned “text slab” that most editors provide, and lay your page out the way you want. Want a slideshow or facebook button? Drag them in as well. Our drag and drop interface gives you full control.

Web design - the questions to ask

Sourcing a web designer? Useful questions to ask.

There are many web designers out there, and many which are great, but if you are shopping around how do you weed out the good, the bad and the ugly without finding out the hard way? Check out our list of useful questions to ask any potentional web designer. We also put our money where our mouth is and provide our answer to each – that way you find out where we stand. Click here for useful questions to ask…

Mills Web Design can:

  • Register your domain name

  • Provide email@yourdomain

  • Arrange hosting for your website

  • Build your website to a professional standard

  • Provide an optional photographer

  • Provide copywriting services to compile your content

  • Provide friendly service and ongoing support

  • Meet locally in Sydney, Bathurst, Orange and surrounding areas